Cyclos III’s owner finally reveals to the world a benchmark boat, token of the remarkable standards of Royal Huisman Shipyard.

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Built in 1990

Through meticulously and constant care, the current owner has achieved to maintain the yacht in excellent and original condition, including the interior designed by Andrew Winch. In 2017, the sailing yacht underwent a comprehensive restoration, including a fresh paint job, the installation of a new teak deck, as well as the addition of two new Reckmann headsail furlers.

Main specifications

Year of Delivery :

  • Year of Delivery: 1991

Type and Design :

  • Type: Ketch rigged sailing yacht
  • Naval Architect: Ron Holland Yacht Design
  • Interior Designer: Andrew Winch Design
  • Builder: Royal Huisman Shipyard

Principal Dimensions :

  • Length Overall: 42.36 meters (138.96 feet)
  • Construction Water Line: 35.20 meters (115.50 feet)
  • Maximum Beam: 8.85 meters (16.00 feet)
  • Draft: 4.88 meters (29.00 feet)
  • Displacement: 242,000 kg (533,000 lbs)

Elevating the Art
of Sailing to New Heights

Cyclos III represents the largest and most powerful sailing yacht of her generation, one that would not only push the boundaries
of modern watch design, but would continue to set a standard to this very day. Whiteout south she remains in a class of her own, where sheer sailing performance is matched only by her timeless contemporary interior that wraps the ardent sailor in pure luxury afloat.
Cyclos not only embraced new technologies but she harnessed them in a way that had not Benn seen before. It is breathtaking to see Cyclos II sailing to windward and reaching in excess of 16 knots. To enforce the experience of powerful sailing the wheel and control station is situated in the afl cockpit. Her steering is direct by cable allowing the hermsman to get a real feel for the boat.

Alice Huisman

Royal Huisman Shipyard
written in 1991

The Artistry of Super Yacht Innovation and Luxury

Cyclos III was groundbreaking in many ways, pushing all the boundaries of the definition of a superyacht at that time. Back then, the original owner requested that there should be no wood visible on the interior. The result is a high-gloss interior, that has withstood the passion of time – and  creates a sparkling reflection of light that remains unique to this day.

The stainless steel and thick-grained black leather grab handles, stools and desk were custom-designed and hand stitched and have aged with grace. Back then, when the yacht took its first excursions at sea, free standing sofas and dining chairs were still a revolutionary feat,whereas they have become a common sight today.

Andrew Winch

Royal Huisman Shipyard
written in 1991

Cyclos III: Cherishing
the LOGBOOK Legacy

Token of its rich maritime history, we have proudly preserved the Cyclos III’s comprehensive LOGBOOK.
This well- maintained record meticulously retraces the yacht’s captivating history from its very beginnings to the present day and 
outlines every detail of its remarkable journey.

Media articles

Original brochure
from 1991

It looks like today exactly the same !

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